The College of Business has been in search of a new home—a building that further elevates our dramatically rising stature and helps attract students and faculty. Legacy Hall presents a tremendous opportunity to create a multi-functional, collaborative and flexible environment for teaching, research and learning. Its design is respectful of FSU’s Jacobian architecture while incorporating contemporary elements that reflect the state-of-the-art learning environment within. 

Goody Clancy (Boston, Mass.) is providing master planning, programming and design services for this project. Tallahassee-based Culpepper Construction has been selected as the construction manager for Legacy Hall.


Southeast Entry of Legacy Hall

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LH SE Gateway Entrance-3x2.jpg

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Legacy Hall will be located just south of the Donald L. Tucker Civic Center at Florida State University on the corner of West Gaines Street and MLK Boulevard overlooking Burnette Park. It will be the new Southeast gateway to the university and marks the southeast corner of FSU’s Legacy Walk.

West Entry of Legacy Hall

LH Legacy Walk Rear Entrance-3x2.jpg

The west entry of Legacy Hall marks the start of FSU’s Legacy Walk and overlooks Legacy Hall Park. Considered the Ground Floor of Legacy Hall, the Atrium is the focal point and hub of this floor with the Multi-Purpose Space on the left and the 300-Seat Auditorium and 100-Seat Lecture Hall on the right.


LH Atrium-3x2_0.jpg

The prominent focal point of the new building, the Atrium welcomes students, faculty members and visitors to the College of Business. Visible from the first, second and third floors, the Atrium serves as a gathering place as well as the entry to classrooms and an auditorium. It also provides a showcase setting for major speaking events throughout the year.

Entry Plaza


The Entry Plaza faces Gaines Street and serves as the primary entry point to the new building, as well as the southeastern gateway to the university’s Arena District. For this reason, the Entry Plaza experiences high pedestrian traffic each day. It also serves as a gathering space for events, and provides a relaxing place for students, faculty, staff and visitors to work together or simply take a break.

Financial Laboratory (Trading Room)

LH Trading Room-3x2.jpg

A marquee space in the new building, the Financial Laboratory (Trading Room) has a highly prominent location, visible from both the atrium and the building’s exterior. A larger, more advanced financial laboratory provides a significant boost for the Department of Finance and our Student Investment Fund. Incorporating technology used by Wall Street investment firms, including Bloomberg terminals, the Financial Laboratory gives upper-level finance students hands-on, real-world experience. The training students receive in financial modeling and portfolio management gives them an edge in a highly competitive job market.

300-Seat Auditorium

LH Auditorium-3x2_0.jpg

In addition to serving as the largest lecture hall in the new building, the 300-Seat Auditorium allows the college to host distinguished guest lecturers and visiting professors whose expertise and insight benefit our students, faculty, alumni and community members. The Auditorium enhances the functionality of the new building and provides countless professional opportunities for our students.



The Terrace (located on the third floor) is a flexible event space under the canopy of Burnette Park. The Terrace will host college and university events, as well as pre- and post-meeting activities for the college’s boardroom. When not used for events, the Terrace serves as a relaxation area for faculty and staff.

Undergraduate Commons (The Landing)

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Located on the first floor overlooking the atrium, the Landing is what students want it to be: a place to study, chat with a professor, sketch ideas on whiteboards or simply relax between classes.

Forum Stairs

The Forum Stairs lie at the heart of the atrium and connect the ground floor to the first-floor entry at Burnette Park and Gaines Street. The Forum Stairs are not simply stairs; they are the main connecting point within Legacy Hall and offer seating areas for students and faculty to connect.

Instructional and Center Space

centers and institute view_0.jpg

Located along the interior of Legacy Hall, both instructional space  and the college’s centers have a commanding view of the Atrium. 

100-Seat Auditorium

FSU Legacy Hall_100-seat Classroom-3x2.jpg

This highly adaptable 100-Seat Classroom can be reconfigured in real time to match the pedagogical needs of the instructor. It can be configured for group discussions and quickly changed to accommodate a traditional lecture format.

Second Floor Commons

With a commanding view overlooking the atrium, this student-focused commons space is a prime location to study or network. The many rooms around the Second Floor Commons, including breakout rooms, the Real Estate War Room and several classrooms along with accessibility from the Landing (first floor commons), ensure continual usage throughout the workday.


The Colonnade, a veranda-styled patio along the Gaines Street side of Legacy Hall, provides a covered outdoor seating area for students, faculty, staff and visitors. The Colonnade is accessible from both the building exterior and the Legacy Hall Café, making it an ideal place to meet for a cup of coffee or to study over lunch. Given its prominent location, the Colonnade will see continual use throughout the year.

Legacy View Bridges


Located on the first, second and third floors, the Legacy View Bridges are a unique feature of the new building. These bridges connect the north and south sides of the building, offer seating areas for students and faculty, and have commanding views of both the atrium and the Legacy Walk entrance.

40-Seat Classroom


The 40-Seat Classroom is the cornerstone of the college’s undergraduate experience. Most undergraduate courses are taught in these classrooms, which can be easily reconfigured to meet the needs of the instructor.

Multipurpose Space


Located on the Ground Floor, the Multipurpose Room is the college’s flexible space designed to accommodate a wide range of events and activities, from conferences and lectures, to receptions and dinners. Our intention is to showcase programs that highlight learning, research, culture and creativity. 

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