• Legacy Hall Trading Room


We want to thank our visionary donors for their unwavering support of Florida State University and for their dedication in making the FSU College of Business one of the best business schools in the world. Our donors understand that investing in Legacy Hall will yield a long-term, transformational experience for our students, faculty and alumni and their gifts will affect how tomorrow’s business leaders will learn, grow and succeed.

$1 Million and Above

Bob & Gail Knight Bob & Gail Knight Auditorium
Steven J. Mudder Gary Mudder Breakout Room
  Legacy Hall Maintenance Fund
  Steven J. Mudder Associate Dean’s Office
  Steven J. Mudder Wall Plaque
Bob & Pam Sasser Bob & Pam Sasser Ballroom

$500,000 to $999,999

AssuredPartners Jim Henderson/AssuredPartners Classroom
Dean L. Cash Cash Lecture Hall
James A. Owens Jim & Linda Owens Management Department Suite
  James C. Owens Jr. Sales Institute Suite
Parrish Owens Parrish Owens Auditorium
Drs. Charles & Persis Rockwood Dr. Persis E. Rockwood Undergraduate Programs Suite
Gary Rogers Gary Rogers Dean’s Suite
Syn-Tech Systems Syn-Tech Systems Student Business Incubator Suite
John & Karen Thiel  Thiel Family Career & Professional Development Suite

$250,000 to $499,999

Les & Ruth Akers Les & Ruth Akers Finance Department Suite
Dan & Mindy Bass Dan & Mindy Bass Dean’s Office in Memory of Evelyn Bass
John & Karen Culver John & Karen Classroom
Bruce Harrell Bruce & Anne Harrell Family 50-Seat Classroom
  Bruce & Anne Harrell Doctoral Student Office
Lee Hinkle Cliff Hinkle Executive Boardroom
Peter Jones Peter & Mary Lee Jones Undergraduate Classroom
Russell Kohl Russell T. Kohl & Family Marketing Department Suite
Stuart & Karessa Lasher Lasher Auditorium
Diahann Wyke Lassus Diahann W. Lassus Classroom
Brett C. & Cindy Lindquist Brett & Cindy Lindquist Classroom
Benjamin S. MacFarland, III Benjamin S. MacFarland, III Team Analytical Collaboration Lab
  Real Estate War Room
Ted Ostrander Ostrander Family Risk Management/Insurance, Real Estate & Legal Studies Suite
Scott & Tiffany Price Scott & Tiffany Price Undergraduate Classroom
  Scott & Tiffany Price Wall Plaque
ReliaQuest ReliaQuest Business Analytics Teaching Lab
Gary L. Rogers Gary L. Rogers Dean's Suite
Stephen M. Suddath Suddath Companies & Stephen M. Suddath Undergraduate Classroom
Fred & Deborah Tresca Fred & Deborah Tresca Accounting Department Suite
Brian & Cortney Williams Williams Family Classroom

$100,000 to $249,999

Anonymous Donor Undergraduate Classroom
Donald P. Antonacio Donald P. Antonacio 20-Seat Classroom
AgileThought, LLC AgileThought Student Analytical Collaboration Lab
Daniel & Mindy Bass Daniel & Mindy Bass Dean's Office
Robert & Demory Boeneke & Residential Elevators Robert B. Boeneke & Residential Elevators Entrepreneurial Resources Center Suite
  Bobby & Demory Boeneke Wall Plaque
Edward E. Burr Ed and Billie Jo Burr Classroom
Marshall S. Cohn Marshall S. Cohn Dean’s Conference Room
J. Talbot (Tal) Land Tal & Silvia Land Faculty Lounge
Stephen C. Leonard Stephen C. Leonard Sales Lab
Kevin S. Little Kevin S. Little Breakout Room in Legacy Hall
Theo & Martha Anne Proctor Theo & Martha Anne Proctor Visiting Executive Lounge
John & Monica Rivers John & Monica Rivers Conference Room
  John & Monica Rivers Student Organization Meeting Room 
Jay F. Steele  
SunTrust Foundation SunTrust Bank Classroom A & B
Grant Thornton, LLP Grant Thornton Accounting Analytics Collaboration Lab
Anne F. & Frank T. Vicino Frank Vicino Family Team Analytical Collaboration Lab

$50,000 to $99,999

Anonymous Donor Robert Bryson & Martha Strom Bryson Conference Room 
Anonymous Donor Dr. Homer A. Black Conference Room
Anonymous Donor General Funding
William A. Archibald Bill Archibald Alumni Engagement Staff Office
  Bill Archibald Undergraduate Breakout Room
Douglas E. Bishop Bishop Family RMI Conference Room 
Board of Governors Caryn Beck-Dudley Team Collaboration Lab
  Lynn Dudley Doctoral Student Office
  Dr. Lynn Dudley & Dean Caryn Beck-Dudley Wall Plaque
Timothy A. Cole Cole Family Conference Room
Deloitte Foundation Deloitte Foundation Team Collaboration Lab
Jim & Fay Dever Jim & Fay Dever Conference Room
Cory Frank & Haley Armand Frank Family Conference Room
William L. Harvey William L. Harvey Professional Development Director’s Office
  Bill & Lori Harvey Accounting Department Chair’s Office
Mark & Nan Casper Hillis Mark & Nan Casper Hillis Associate Dean’s Office
  Mark & Nan Casper Hillis Wall Plaque
Tim & Paula Gaskin Tim & Paula Gaskin RMI Assistant Department Chair’s Office
  Tim & Paula Gaskin Seating Area
Ed Gray III Ed Gray III Seating Area
J. Talbot Land Tal & Silvia Land Faculty Lounge
R. Todd Lazenby Lazenby Family Breakout Room
John & Helen Luce Seminole Family – Ethan, Alex Helen & John Luce Family Seating Area
Robert B. Mang Robert B. Mang Conference Room
James. A Miller, Jr. Mildred Prescott Miller Visiting Faculty Suite
Francis J. Nardozza Francis J. Nardozza Real Estate Center Conference Room
J. Michael & Judy B. Pate J. Michael (BS ’68) & Judy B. (BME ’67) Pate Faculty Conference Room
  J. Michael & Judy B. Pate Wall Plaque
Kyle D. Riva Kyle D. Riva & Family Conference Room
Ronald L. Rayevich Ronald L. Rayevich Student Breakout Room
Jeffrey P. Rohr Jeff & Michele Rohr Undergraduate Programs Conference Room
Roshan L. Shikarpuri Roshan S. Skikarpuri Conference Room
Keith & Patricia Sigmon R. Keith & Patricia Duggins Sigmon Career Services Conference Room
David & Joan Skup David & Joan Earnest Skup Classroom in Memory of Robert C. Earnest
Todd South Todd South Conference Room
William F. Stephenson William F. Stephenson Family Team Collaboration Lab
Timothy & Elizabeth Traud Traud Family Student Meeting Room
Brad J. Wolfe Brad & Caitlin Wolfe Meeting Room
ΠΚΦ, ΠΚΑ, ΦΚΤ, ΦΔΘ, ΦΣΚ & ΣΦΕ Gentleman of ΠΚΦ, ΠΚΑ, ΦΚΤ, ΦΔΘ, ΦΣΚ & ΣΦΕ Team Collaboration Lab

$25,000 to $49,999

George Aase, II & Paul Aase George Aase and Paul Aase Real Estate Innovation Lab
Donna M. Abood Donna M. Abood Undergraduate Breakout Room
Brian L. Gallagher Brian L. Gallagher Chief Development Officer Office
John A. Acosta John A. Acosta Undergraduate Breakout Room
Jorge & Diana Azor Jorge & Diana Azor Director’s Office
David L. Bonderud Bonderud Family Faculty Office in Marketing
Laura Krueger Brock Brock Family Faculty Office in Accounting
Stephen & Yvonne Brown Stephen & Yvonne Brown RMI Department Chair’s Office
Robin J. (Gethings) Buck Robin J. (Gethings) Buck Finance Assistant Chair’s Office
  Robin J. (Gethings) Buck Wall Plaque
  Robin J. (Gethings) Buck Walk Brick
Daniel P. Collins   
Ryan S. Dorrell Ryan & Elizabeth Dorrell BAISSC Department Chair’s Office
Carlton Wayne Edwards Wayne & Betty Edwards Master’s Breakout Room
Robert & Julie Eichenberg Julie & Bob Eichenberg Interview Room
Betsy Evans Betsy Evans Undergraduate Breakout Room
Andrew F. Feinberg Feinberg Family Team Collaboration Lab
Michael & Martha Fields Michael & Martha Fields Family Office in Accounting
Brian L. Gallagher Gallagher Family Office
William H. Garden Accounting Faculty Office In Memory of Betty W. Gardner, wife of William H. Gardner Tallahassee CPA
Ed M. Gray III Ed Gray III (’74) Seating Area
Gehring Group Gehring Group Career Services Interview Room
Joseph M. Gillice, Jr. In Memory of Joseph M. Gillice, Sr. Seating Area
R. Martin Hall Hall Family Career Services Interview Room
Stephen Hamic Hamic Family Associate Dean’s Office
Jamie & Melanie Harden Hardin/Turner Family Finance Department Chair’s Office
Charles Hardwick Chuck Hardwick Marketing Breakout Room
James A. Harkins III James A. Harkins III & Family Assistant Department Chair’s Office
Bill & Lori Harvey Bill & Lori Harvey Accounting Department Chair’s Office
Michael J. Herdegen Tribridge BAISSC Assistant Department Chair’s Office
Henry Herzing Dr. Robert L. Doherty International Director’s Office
Christopher Iansiti Christopher Iansiti Undergraduate Breakout Room
  Christopher Iansiti Wall Plaque
Carlton Johnson Carl & Stephanie Johnson Sales Institute Director’s Office
Kaufman Family Fund Kauffman Family Faculty Office in Accounting
Elizabeth Kelly John F. Kelly, CPA Accounting Faculty Office
Ernie Knott Jr. Ernie Knott Jr. Assistant Dean for Finance & Administration Office
Chris L. Kraft, Sr. Chris & Kellie Kraft Undergraduate Breakout Room
  Chris & Kellie Kraft Wall Plaque
Eric & LeAnne Kuefler Eric and LeAnne Kuefler Faculty Office
Ronald B. LaVergne Drs. Warren B. Nation & Richard M. Baker Master’s Breakout Room
  Brett & Cynthia Lindquist Wall Plaque
John & Shari Lusk John & Shari Lusk BAISSC Department Chair’s Office
Craig & Mitzi Lynch Craig & Mitzi Lynch Director’s Office
Thomas M. McAlpin Tom & Yvonne McAlpin Interview Room
Timothy E. & Sandra Mele Tim and Sandra Mele Management Assistant Chair
Gregory R. Michaud Michaud Family Director’s Office
Steve & Lori Mize & Darren & Michelle Mize Mize Undergraduate Breakout Room
Jorge Morales Jorge & Margie Morales Career Services Interview Room
Terry Neill Terry Neill Master’s Breakout Room
Gjon N. Nivica, Jr. Nelson Birbil Nivica Family Faculty Office
Andy Norman Norman Family Team Collaboration Room
Paula Robinson Parker Paula Robinson Parker Undergraduate Breakout Room
Danny Persaud Danny Persaud Career Services Interview Room
Mike Poland Poland Family Master’s in Accounting Breakout Room
James & Alice Rasmussen Alice Puckett Rasmussen Marketing Department Chair’s Office
G. Bruce Redditt Bruce Redditt Faculty Office in Marketing
Richard G. Rodick Rodick Family Management Department Chair’s Office
Gene Ross Gene Ross Faculty Office in Accounting
Paul & Patricia H. Schriefer Schriefer Family Foundation Seating Area
Lester Sussman Sussman Family Interview Room
Frank Terence Frank Terence Finance Faculty Office
James F. Thielen Jim & Beth Thielen Undergraduate Breakout Room
  Jim & Beth Thielen Wall Plaque
Tribridge Tribridge Career Services Interview Room
Nadezda Usina Usina Family Master’s Breakout Room
William Williamson Williamson Undergraduate Breakout Room

$10,000 to $24,999

Michael Blake Michael Drew Blake Doctoral Student Office
Gary & Hollis Bliss Gary & Hollis Bliss Doctoral Student Office
Flecia Braswell Flecia Braswell & Fred McCord Doctoral Student Office
Randolph Grier Campbell Randolph Grier Campbell Doctoral Student Office
Bob Coble Bob & Courtney Coble Doctoral Student Office
Chad E. Colby Chad E. & Terri Colby Doctoral Student Office
Stephen T. Cunningham Steve and Monica Cunningham Staff Office in the RMI Dept.
Michael Dearden Michael Dearden Doctoral Student Office 
Tony Dibenedetto Pearly M. Rosier Staff Office
Erin Ennis Erin Ennis Doctoral Student Office
Betsy Evans Betsy Evans Doctoral Student Office
Charles R. Everidge Charles Everidge RMI Doctoral Student Office in RMI
O.C. & Linda Ferrell O.C. & Linda Ferrell Doctoral Student Office
Herbert W. Fiss, Jr. Fiss Family Doctoral Student Office
Michael Hartline Hartline Family Doctoral Student Office
John Humphress John and Jeanette Humphress Doctoral Student Office
Patrick F. Jubard Patrick F. Jubard Faculty Office
Douglas B. Kline Douglas B. Kline Accounting Doctoral Student Office
Ronald Kovanis Ron & Jennifer Kovanis Doctoral Student Office
Charles A. & Jane S. Krblich Krblich Family Doctoral Student Office
David & Judy Lee David & Judy Lee Staff Office
Matthew H. Levin Matthew H. & Paulette M. Levin Doctoral Student Office
Blake K. Miles Blake & Jennifer Miles Doctoral Student Office
Cheryl Rainey Russell & Cheri Rainey Doctoral Student Office
Edward Sabin Edward Sabin Doctoral Student Office
John Sansom John Sansom Doctoral Student Office
John R. Schmitt Glenda Gay & John R. Schmitt Management Doctoral Student Office
Jim Scholefield Jim & Susan Scholefield Doctoral Student Office
Matthew Simpson Matthew & Alicia Simpson Doctoral Student Office
Lisa L. Spooner Lisa L. Spooner Doctoral Student Office
Mark & Becky Stanley Bonnie Royce Stanley Student Engagement Coordinator’s Office
  Bonnie Royce Stanley Wall Plaque
Betty Tanner Bill & Betty Tanner Doctoral Student Office
Christopher P. Tracy Christopher P. Tracy Doctoral Student Office
Robert Urban Rob & Kelly Urban Finance Doctoral Student Office
Kevin & Brenda Vaughn Vaughn Alumni Engagement Coordinator Office
Craig S. West Craig S. West Doctoral Student Office
Jill Wilkinson John F. & Jill Wilkinson Doctoral Student Office
Mary J. Woodworth Steve Celec Doctoral Student Office
Brenda Burck Wray Harman Burck (Ph.D. ’64) Undergraduate Advisor’s Office
David R. Zimmerman David R. Zimmerman Doctoral Student Office
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